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Qualified. Committed. Caring.

Lucy Daniels Center staff work as a team to assist your child in becoming their best and truest self. Our team consists of teachers, our full-time psychiatrist, psychotherapists, parent/caregiver(s), clinical director, and other key Lucy Daniels Center staff members. We meet weekly to coordinate and plan the best educational and therapeutic interventions for your child, to help them feel protected, supported, and empowered to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Leadership Team

Administrative Staff

Seinna Means

Seinna Means

Administrator, Farley-Manning Family Guidance Service

Lucy Daniels School

Farley-Manning Family Guidance Service

Don Rosenblitt

Don Rosenblitt

Division of Medical Services - Founding Clinical/Executive Director 1991 - 2019

SecurePath Therapy Team

Resources Team

Interns, Externs & Fellows