Lucy Daniels


A therapeutic special needs school serving Pre-K through 5th grade students experiancing mental, emotional, or behavioural challenges.



Who We Are

Lucy Daniels School stands alone as the Triangle’s hub for young children’s mental health services. We are not just a school; we are a haven for children and families who have struggled with unmet expectations in current school settings. We are a place where children and families are wrapped in services designed to meet their needs specifically; where they can find close and caring connections with staff and where children grow both emotionally and academically. We are a place where children are heard and respected.

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Who are our students?

Lucy Daniels School provides an alternative for children who have difficulty with managing or performing well in school. We serve children with average or higher intellectual capacities who may have:

  • difficulty separating;
  • trouble making or keeping friends;
  • struggles with concentrating or completing assignments;
  • tendencies to be socially isolated;
  • anxieties and worries, including refusal or reluctance to try new activities;
  • repetitive behaviors;
  • difficulty with self-control
  • challenges with emotional regulation

Additionally, all of our students’ parents participate in regular parent counseling throughout their child’s time at Lucy Daniels School.

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We’ll work with your family to determine the best affordable options for our comprehensive, individualized services.


We offer in-person and/or virtual tours to parents and caregivers as requested.  Get in touch today for more information.

Financial Aid

Most Early School families qualify for scholarships, financial aid, and tuition reduction. Learn more to see if you’re eligible!



for children ages three to six


for children 1st – 5th grade

Our Teachers

Our teachers understand that children are more than a set of behaviors. With backgrounds ranging from education to psychology, they are an integral part of our therapeutic support team, connecting with each child on a personal level and creating a nurturing, safe place for all to learn and socialize.

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