Lucy Daniels

Therapeutic Groups and Workshops

Therapeutic support and guidance for parents, caregivers, and the professional community.

Therapeutic Groups and Education Programs

Lucy Daniels Center skilled staff provide parenting groups, social skills groups, observations and assessments,  caregiver workshops and support groups, and teacher training to promote healthy social and emotional growth to each child in our community who turns to us for help.

Circle of Security

Helps improve the developmental pathway of children through their parents and aids parents’ abilities to observe and improve their caregiving skills.

Lucy's Link

Observations and assessments provided on-site in the child’s home or school setting.

First Friends

A social skills program for children ages 3-6 who need help with joining play, establishing/maintaining friendships, and participating in group activities.

Lucy Listens

Telehealth therapy to help parents and children build resilience through the pandemic.

Our Partners and Sponsors

Lucy Daniels Center is proud to partner and collaborate with our trusted partners to provide vital mental health services to children and families in our community.

Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas

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