Who we are

We’re meeting children where they are to get them to where they need to be.

Our Mission

Lucy Daniels Center helps children live emotionally healthy lives through in-depth evaluation and treatment, family involvement, and education.

Our Vision

A community in which all children feel safe, valued, respected, and supported.

Child coloring

Our Values

  • Recognizing that a child’s emotional health is an essential foundation for future development and productivity
  • Showing respect for each child
  • Appreciating the complexity and individuality of each child’s development
  • Appreciating that the child/parent relationship is central to the child’s development
  • Striving to treat all children who need help, regardless of the family’s ability to pay
  • Establishing a healthy and supportive environment for staff
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The Need: 1 out of 5

Approximately one out of every five children in America has a diagnosable mental health condition. Mental health problems in young people are associated with outcomes such as suicide, substance use, inability to live independently, justice involvement, school dropout, economic hardship, and physical health problems.

Untreated mental health needs among children and youth affect not only the young person and their family, but also schools, communities, and workplaces. Lucy Daniels Center provides direct social, emotional, and mental health services to children from birth through 11 years old, the time of life when the most effective interventions are possible.

Our Approach: Wraparound Care


Farley-Manning Family Guidance Service therapists help families understand the reasons why their children may be having emotional or behavioral difficulties and help them work toward lasting solutions. 


Lucy Daniels School teachers develop relationships with each child, providing support and strategies to work through the behavioral and emotional blocks to academic success. 


All of our students’ parents participate in regular parent guidance counseling throughout their child’s time at Lucy Daniels School.


Our onsite child psychiatrist consults regularly with staff and works directly with families to provide the highest level of comprehensive care available in a school environment.

Financial Aid

30% of our students at Lucy Daniels School receive financial assistance so that all children can have access to our therapeutic day school, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Our Services


Therapeutic classroom settings for preschool through 5th grade at the Lucy Daniels School.


Onsite and in-home clinical therapy programs for children and families through the Farley-Manning Family Guidance Service.


Community outreach programs and resources for educators and caregivers.

Our History

Lucy Daniels Center is has a rich history of genuine care and promoting emotional development.