Our Partners

We’re so grateful for our corporate and clinical partners who help make the work we do possible!

Your philanthropic support of Lucy Daniels Center makes you a part of a special community of donors who share your dedication to investing in the emotional and mental health of children and families in our community. Every dollar counts in building healthy futures for our children.

Corporate and Government Partners

Foundation Partners

Service Partners

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Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities

Partnering with Lucy Daniels Center supports more than just our mission and the families we serve — it can also benefit your organization, your employees, your clients and investors, and even your customers. 

Potential benefits to partnering with Lucy Daniels Center include:

  • Increasing employee satisfaction through employee engagement opportunities, workshops, fundraising campaigns or corporate match giving programs. Beneficial in recruiting and retaining employees committed to socially responsible organizations. Nurtures team building and cohesion.
  • Strengthening your corporate image and brand visibility and perception through Lucy Daniels Center communication channels, including web, print, social media, blog, and others.
  • Showcasing your social responsibility in giving back to your own community.
  • Providing valuable tax benefits to your organization. Lucy Daniels Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit, charitable organization legally incorporated and licensed with the State of North Carolina.

We’d be thrilled to work with you to identify and develop a partnership that meets the needs of your organization.

For more information, please contact Viki Redding, Director of Marketing and Communications at (919) 796-4730 or vredding@lucydanielscenter.org to find out more and to get started today!