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Lucy Daniels Center provides a comprehensive range of therapeutic and educational programs carefully tailored to the needs of each unique child and family.

A therapeutic school serving children pre-K through 5th grade. Each child’s education and therapeutic program is carefully tailored to his or her needs and strengths. Parents also meet regularly with a parent guidance counselor. This collaborative approach helps children progress socially and academically to become successful and competent learners.

The Farley-Manning Guidance Service provides on-site and telehealth outpatient  therapy and evaluations for children ages birth-12 and their families at the Lucy Daniels Center in Cary, North Carolina. Our therapists help families understand the underlying reasons for emotional or behavioral difficulties and work together toward lasting resolution.

Empowered by our community partners, Lucy Daniels Center offers a variety of community outreach programs and mental health services for young children in the Greater Triangle area of NC. Our staff provides mental health assessments, interventions, and therapy for children ages birth to five and their families. Bilingual services are available to Spanish speaking families.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Lucy Daniels Center views a child’s behavior as a communication of need, and equips parents to understand and respond to those needs in a meaningful way. Rather than seeking a “quick fix,” we help families find ways to alleviate the every day struggles while also addressing the root cause of the issues, allowing long-term change and healing to take place.

Our Vision

Lucy Daniels Center envisions a community in which all children feel safe, valued, respected, and supported.

30 Years of Vision and Compassion

The Lucy Daniels Center was founded in 1989 to provide mental health services to children and families in the Triangle. We serve nearly 700 children and their families each year. We believe that the earlier a child’s challenges are addressed, the better the chance to help that child develop socially and academically.

Our Team: An Integrated Approach

Lucy Daniels Center staff work as a team to assist your child in becoming their best and truest self. Our team consists of teachers, our full-time psychiatrist, psychotherapists, parent/caregiver(s), clinical director, and other key Lucy Daniels Center staff members. We meet weekly to coordinate and plan the best educational and therapeutic interventions for your child, to help them feel protected, supported, and empowered to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Our Impact

Approximately one out of every five children in America has a diagnosable mental health disorder. Through our school, therapy, and outreach services, we’re seeking to provide direct social, emotional, and mental health services to children who need them most. Here’s a look back at our 2021 impact:


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