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Tuition and Fees

Meeting your family where you’re at with compassion and care.

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We work with families to determine the best affordable options for our comprehensive, individualized services. The amount of Lucy Daniels School tuition and fees may vary depending on a child’s grade, reimbursements from health insurance, and eligibility for scholarships we offer. We will discuss specific costs with you during the assessment process.

You may also want to look into the affiliation we have with the North Carolina Special Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA). If your child qualifies for an N.C. special education grant or has an Individual Education Plan, you can receive as much as $8,000 per year towards tuition. For more info, email Jennifer Reid or call (919) 677-1400, x130 or click the button below to set up a virtual meeting to find out more about admission, tuition and if Lucy Daniels School is right for your child.