Workshops for Professionals

Helping you support the emotional and behavioral needs of the children you serve.

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Lucy Daniels Center  provides on-site workshops for teachers to assist them in supporting the social and emotional development of their students. Our trained staff can host workshops at your site and offer child care credit for each class! Some of the most popular topics are listed below, or we can work with you to tailor content to the needs of your staff.

Please contact us directly for details regarding the rates for the workshops. Special rates apply for groups over 25 people. 

The Anxious Child (2 hours)

Is your child anxious? Do you have an anxious child in your classroom? How would you know? What would you look for? What can you do? Spend a few hours with a nationally renowned child psychiatrist/analyst and get information and answers.

Magnetic Messages: Helping Young Children with Verbal Conflict Resolution (2 hours)

Experiment with pyramids and patterns of dialogue that make a significant difference in the way children respond

Preventing “Dis-enrollment” in Childcare (2 hours)

Examine the common reasons for “dis-enrollment” and learn strategies to prevent these unfortunate and difficult situations

Red Flags, Pink Flags: Recognizing and Assisting Children with Developmental Delays (2 hours)

Identify risk factors and developmental delays in young children in order to make timely referrals and develop appropriate interventions

Autism: Issues and Answers (1.5 hours)

Understand the autism spectrum and explore strategies to work with children with autism in an inclusive classroom.

Weaving the Social/Emotional Curriculum into Everyday Routines (2 hours)

The social/emotional curriculum is an integral part of classroom interactions. Learn to effectively facilitate social emotional competencies in everyday routines and activities.

Professionalism in Childcare: Raising the Bar (1.5 hours)

Explore and examine techniques and strategies for setting and reaching professional goals.

Elements of a Safe Emotional Environment for Children and Staff (1.5 hours)

Create a school and classroom environment that is sensitive to the emotional needs of both children and staff.


Atypical Young Children: Social/Emotional Issues/Challenges (2.5 hours)

Develop strategies to assist atypical children with social and emotional difficulties; help parents support their child’s emotional growth.