School Observations and Assessments

Lucy’s Link is an outreach program supporting the emotional development of young children.

Kids and mother sitting in a circle playing with blocks

Lucy’s Link provides free observations and assessments of children who are exhibiting difficulties with social, emotional, or behavioral development. Our trained staff help identify a child’s challenges and guide families through the process of finding the right solution for their child. Lucy’s Link is provided to the community free of charge.

Lucy Daniels Center trained professionals meet the child in his/her home or school setting, and provide:

  • Observations of children who are exhibiting difficulties with social/emotional development, together with assistance and consultation for classroom teachers
  • Onsite workshops for teachers to assist them in supporting the social and emotional development of their students
  • Rapid assistance with screening and consultations for children who may need additional resources
  • Regular follow-up assistance

To discuss having a Lucy’s Link assessment professional visit your preschool, please call (919) 677-1400.