Lucy Daniels Center Receives Prestigious 2019 Anna Freud Educational Achievement Award

By Trevor Osterhaus |
November 25, 2019 |

The Lucy Daniels School, a program of the Lucy Daniels Center, has been recognized nationally for their 30 year body of work in serving children pre-K through 5th grade, providing an educational model of excellence in a therapeutic classroom environment that supports each child’s social and emotional growth and development.

The Lucy Daniels School classrooms provide a play-based context for achievement, problem solving, and enjoyment for each child as well as therapeutic support for parents and children alike in overcoming social, emotional, mental health and developmental challenges a child may face in early years. As therapeutic educators in a psychoanalytically informed program, Lucy Daniels School staff bring a distinct level of understanding to classroom dynamics and the teacher/child/parent relationship.

The Anna Freud Educational Achievement Award is an annual award presented to a person, school, or educational institution that furthers psychoanalytically informed work with pre-K-12 educators, schools, and their students. The prize and the accompanying honorarium will be presented during the American Psychoanalytic Association’s (APsaA) National Meeting in February 2019. Founded in 1911, The American Psychoanalytic Association is the oldest national psychoanalytic organization in the United States.

“Our school is at the heart of our mission,” says Josie Sawyer, Executive and Clinical Director of Lucy Daniels Center. “While we have always known the powerful transformation that takes place in our classrooms, it is heartening to see it recognized outside our walls. I am grateful to our founder, Dr. Donald Rosenblitt, for laying the foundation for this achievement when he first envisioned Lucy Daniels School, and also to our talented therapeutic teaching staff and administrators. Of course, the real heroes are the families who not only entrust their children to our care, but also show up daily to do the work that makes healing possible.”

About Lucy Daniels Center – Founded in 1989, Lucy Daniels Center is the largest nonprofit provider of mental and behavioral health services exclusively for children in the Triangle area, serving more than 700 children and their families yearly and provide more than 20,000 hours of direct mental health services to children from birth to age 12, the time of life when the most effective interventions are possible.