What are the Benefits of a Therapeutic School?

By Trevor Osterhaus |
April 19, 2021 |
Children's Mental Health

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What are the Benefits of a Therapeutic School?

Lucy Daniels School is vital for a student like David.*

David’s parents were constantly getting calls from his preschool about his behavior. They had to pick him up early almost daily. They were confused because he didn’t seem to have any difficulty at home. When David began attending Lucy Daniels School, his teachers helped him and his parents understand that he acted out when he felt nervous or lonely.
As his teachers helped him find other ways to cope with his feelings in class, the disruptive behaviors settled down. Working with their parent therapist, David’s parents also learned how to help manage his feelings of nervousness and loneliness at home. They were relieved to have found a school where they could drop him off, knowing that he would be understood and helped rather than viewed as a problem.
*name changed to protect privacy


Lucy Daniels School is an emotionally safe and supportive learning environment for children preschool-5th grade.Lucy Daniels School provides an alternative choice in our therapeutic school for children who struggle emotionally and academically in a mainstream school environment. At the Lucy Daniels School, each child’s education and therapeutic program is carefully tailored to his or her needs and strengths. Parents meet regularly with a parent guidance counselor. This collaborative approach helps children progress socially and academically to become successful and competent learners.
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