Everyday Activities to Support the Social Development of Children

By Jennifer Reid |
February 22, 2021 |
Children's Mental Health

Did you miss our webinar on Everyday Activities to Support the Social Development of Children?

You can view the recording here:

“Parent-child communication can play a significant role in a child’s development of social skills.  The communication used at home is likely to transfer into the child’s social relationships in the future. Providing a supportive and safe space for dialogue and the ability to work through difficulties in a meaningful, intentional, and nurturing way will only help foster successful relationships down the road.”

– Lucy Daniels School teacher

“Our children don’t learn these skills because they are being taught ‘this is what you say and this is how you do it.’ The vast majority of social skill learning is in the lived experience of how they are treated and how they are encouraged to be curious about their internal worlds and others’ internal worlds.”

– Lucy Daniels Center clinician

Check out the recording of the webinar to learn more and hear what Emily Odjaghian, Psy.D., and Jennifer Reid, M.A., have to say about using everyday activities to help children become more communicative and flexible in their social relationships.


2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, isolation, abrupt disruptions, grief and loss in the face of the worst pandemic in recent history. No one could have predicted how the world would change –especially for our children.
Lucy Daniels School is an emotionally safe and supportive learning environment for children preschool-5th grade who . Lucy Daniels School provides an alternative choice in our therapeutic school for children who struggle emotionally and academically in a mainstream school environment. At the Lucy Daniels School, each child’s education and therapeutic program is carefully tailored to his or her needs and strengths. Parents meet regularly with a parent guidance counselor. This collaborative approach helps children progress socially and academically to become successful and competent learners.
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