Lucy’s Book Club: Wemberly Worried

By Trevor Osterhaus |
April 29, 2020 |
Children's Mental Health, Lucy's Book Club

Lucy’s Book Club

Wemberly Worried
by Kevin Henkes

Wemberly is worried about everything all of the time. When it came time for her to go to school, she worried even more than ever! When Wemberly arrived at school, her teacher introduced her to Jewel. Wemberly and Jewel discovered that they had many things in common, and Wemberly was gradually able to put some of her worries to rest and enjoy her day at school.

How does Wemberly Worried support the emotional development of young children?Wemberly’s worries prompt preschool-aged children to think about their own age-related developmental tasks in the areas of separation and exploration. Leaving the safety of home and familiar people can cause big worries and fears of the unknown.

Wemberly worried about the teacher being mean, finding the bathroom, and crying –all possible scenarios that young children might envision when going to a new school or any new place.  Mom’s and Dad’s reassurances could not quell her worries. Wemberly cautiously eases into her new school by finding a way to connect with another mouse, through stuffed animals, simple gestures, and then verbal exchanges.

Preschool children can take comfort in the fact that their worries are shared by others and that grown-ups do understand how to help.

Reading Wemberly Worried to a group of children: engaging and activating children throughout the story
In this time of uncertainty and change, reading Wemberly Worriedprovides an ideal opportunity for children to talk about all of their own worries. When will they get to see their friends? When will they go back to preschool? When can they see beloved family members? Listening to children and reassuring them that all kids have worries,  that they are safe, and that lots of helpful people are working very hard to make things better.

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