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Lucy’s Link provides observational visits to the school or home of children who are exhibiting difficulties with social/emotional development, offered together with assistance and consultation to classroom teachers. Parent counseling and workshops for parents are also available, to help them better understand their child’s emotional development and provide optimal support.This grant of $10,000 will help the Lucy Daniels Center continue its work with parents and their families through these assessments and other services.
From  Kids ‘N’ Community Foundation:  “The Heart of the Carolina Hurricanes,” the Kids ‘N Community Foundation strives to meet the health and educational needs of underserved populations and strengthen youth hockey in our community through programming and financial assistance to local, youth-oriented organizations. Since the establishment of thenon-profit Foundation in 1997, over $14 million in cash has been awarded to non-profit organizations that focus on enhancing the lives of youth in our community.
Thank you to the support of players, coaches, front office staff, corporate sponsors and the generous fan base who participated in fundraisers throughout the year. You make these grants possible!

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