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The Lucy Daniels Center of Cary has received a $408,000 grant from The Duke Endowment to pilot Circle of Security® Parenting™, an evidence-informed parenting program for at-risk families.The Endowment grant will be used to fund implementation in a variety of community settings of the Circle of Security® Parenting™ program. Circle of Security® is rooted decades of attachment research, and current affective neuroscience. As parenting training, it has forged the missing link between attachment theory and practical application with caregivers providing parenting education or counseling to parents of young children.

“Our years of community work, with its lessons learned and credibility established, made possible not only the organizational knowledge base for us to be positioned to do this major undertaking, but was also instrumental in making the case to Duke Endowment that Lucy Daniels Center is the right organization to lead this pilot program.  This is an exciting moment in our history, both a culmination of all the community work that has proceeded, as well as a harbinger of new and exciting possibilities for the future,”

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